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24 December 2009

Genesis. or, Inspiration Found and Challege Posed

The question is found in Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers. Will 10,000 hours of preparation set one up for success?
I was set on course to be a musician, a violinist. Started young, given encouragement, quality instruction, and opportunity. For a few years on my own, I put in a couple hours of rehearsal a few days a week. World-class performers put in a lot, a LOT more hours than that, and Gladwell cites a study claiming that those performers who reach 10,000 hours of rehearsal by age 20 are much better set to succeed.
Hmm, I spent easily that amount of time reading. Trouble is, 10,000 hours of practicing the violin sets one up to be a superstar. 10,000 hours of reading sets one up to have read a lot of books. Ah well, still an accomplishment, right? We'll see.

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